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  • CB

    Garrick, a dwarven cleric of Moradin.

    Was rescued by the Platinum Wolves in the Kobald Hall.

  • AL

    Murphey, a Human wizard.

    Traveled with Jogen and Rhagar from the south; first to Harkenwold, then to Fallcrest.

    Recovered a [[:7220]] from the clutches of a kobald in Kobald Hall.

  • TF

    Grendel is a Warforged Fighter. A creature given sentience by man, whose purpose was clear – to fight. Many Warforged have rejected this purpose… Grendel is trying to find his way in the world, whether or not that means he fights.

  • EA

    Savras, an Eladrin Illusionist Wizard.

    Rescued by Platinum Wolves in Kobald Hall.

  • CL

    Gabrielle is an Eladrin Paladin in the service of Bahamut.

    She was rescued by Platinum Wovles in Kobald Hall.

  • Jorgen Olsgaard

    Jorgen is the bastard son of [[:6636]], who holds a barony in lands far south of Fallcrest. When Jorgen's half-brother was conceived, Jorgen and his mother had to flee the barony of Skandia. They sought refuge …