Religion: Gods, holy symbols, religious ceremonies, clergy, divine effects, theology, the Astral Sea and divine dominions, immortal and undead creatures.

Things Known:

  • Wayside shrines built on trade rodes are dedicated to the worship of Avandra, Melora and Sehanine
  • A temple in the D&D world doesn’t hold scheduled worship services. Rather, the temple is always open and constantly busy. Priests perform the daily rites the gods require, each at a separate altar. Worshipers bring children, ailing family members, and livestock in for the priests’ blessings, and they bring their own prayers and sacrifices to ask the gods’ favor. Worshipers and petitioners stand or kneel in large open spaces. On holy days, crowds press in to fill every available space, sometimes for the entire length of the day. These are as much social events as religious ones, and the words of the rites can be drowned out in the hubbub of conversation.
  • Other organizations have a religious foundation, too. Knightly orders dedicated to Bahamut or Bane, colleges devoted to Ioun, civic organizations that honor Erathis, travelers’ aid societies dedicated to Avandra, and craft guilds that invoke Moradin’s name all wield influence in the cities and larger towns of the world.


Lawful Good Deities:
Bahamut  Justice, Honor, Nobility, Protection
Moradin  – Creation, Artisans, Family

Good Deities:
Avandra  Change, Luck, Trade, Travel
Pelor – Sun, Summer, Agriculture, Time

Deities Unaligned:
Corellon – Arcane Magic, Spring, Beauty, The Arts
Erathis – Civilization, Invention, Laws
Ioun – Knowlege, Prophesy, Skill
Kord – Storms, Strength, Battle
Melora – Wilderness, Sea
The Raven Queen – Death, Fate, Winter
Sehanine – Trickery, Moon, Love, Autumn

Deities Evil :
Asmodeus  – Power, Domination, Tyrrany
Bane – War, Conquest
Tiamat – Wealth, Greed, Vengeance
Torog – Underdark, Imprisonment
Vecna – Undeath, Secrets
Zehir – Darkness, Poison, Serpents

Chaotic Evil Deities:
Gruumsh – Turmoil, Destruction
Lolth – Spiders, Shadows, Lies


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