Jorgen Olsgaard

Pack Master in Training


2nd level Half-elf, Good-aligned Warlord of Bahamut

Ability Scores- STR 17, CON 13, DEX 10, INT 12, WIS 8, CHA 17

Defenses- AC 18 (Chain mail, small shield), Fort 15, Ref 12, Will 15

Weapons- Warhammer (+6 to hit, melee) 1d10+3; Throwing Hammer [carries 2] (+3 to hit, ranged 5/10) 1d6+3

Feats: Inspired Recovery, Group Insight

Powers: Commander's Strike, Wolf Pack Tactics, Inspiring Word (2/encounter), Righteous Brand, Hammer and Anvil, Aid the Injured, Lead the Attack


Jorgen is the bastard son of Lord Karrick Olsgaard, who holds a barony in lands far south of Fallcrest. When Jorgen's half-brother was conceived, Jorgen and his mother had to flee the barony of Skandia. They sought refuge with Jorgen's uncle Content Not Found: 8086, a priest of the god Bahamut and follower of Malveen. Growing up amongst Bahamuttan warrior-prests, Jorgen quickly learned that he could inspire others in battle with his charismatic presence, thus beginning the path of the warlord.

Jorgen was sent by his Uncle Kradon to the town of Fallcrest, along with the paladin Rhaegar, to seek an answer to the fall of Gardmore Abbey.

Jorgen Olsgaard

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