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Things we hold as truth:
  • The Empire of Nerath fell about 100 years ago during civil war and invasion of barbaric tribes.
  • About 3 centuries ago, King Eothyr III of Nerath opened the imperial coffers to the Society of Imperial Artificers to create the Warforged.
  • Elves and eladrin were the same race until Lolth and the drow split them apart and somehow made the Feywild harder to access.
  • Hobgoblins once had an empire in which bugbears and goblins were their servants. This empire fell to internal strife and interference from otherworldly forces—perhaps the fey, whom many goblins hate.
  • Nerath was once a prosperous Human Kingdom, but has fallen one century past.
  • Dragonborn are the descendants of an ancient empire called Arkhosia.
  • Bael Turath was a mighty empire that slowly grew to evil misdeeds – mixing with devils – and eventually was ruled by tieflings.
  • Bael Turath and Arkhosia went to war against each other, and destroyed each other.
  • The Paladins of Bahumat in the Nentir Vale were weakened greatly during the Bloodspear War.

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